è un progetto artistico ed etico, con lo scopo di educare i bambini di oggi, adulti di domani, al rispetto dell’uomo e della natura.

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About us
When Biriki flies, they follow him, moving and twirling their hands around and then when Meleo arrives…the party really starts!


Silvia, mother of Michele (18 months) and Nicola (3 years old)

We are really charmed by the artistic qualities of animaBIRIKI’s graphic universe, its vision and response to the world as well as the unique philosophy behind the show’s creation and concept.


Julie Fox,
Managing Director – awol animation

I found “Biriki and the Rainbow” very interesting because of its approach to a very young audience. It manages to convey in a very clear way important messages such as respect for others, solidarity, the desire – very simply – to stop, open ones’ eyes wide and observe nature.


Loredana Bianchi,
director of the Museum in Erba – Bellinzona

When Biriki entered the rainbow, Camillo quivered with joy. 


Nino, father of Camillo (2 years old)

For now it’s not easy for Bianca to follow every cartoon, however she really enjoyed “Biriki and the Rainbow”, and at several points she laughed a lot!!


mother of Bianca (18 months)

animaBIRIKI is a project that touches your heart and allows you to see yourself with fresh eyes and to look at the world around you as you did when you were a child.


Chiara Pacifici ,
Education and Training Office
Amnesty International Italia

Lea was having a crying tantrum and gradually calmed down watching the cartoon. She imitated the sounds of the chameleon…and pointed at the screen!


father of Lea (18 months)

Serenity is something we can find within ourselves thanks to love, the energy we get from food and from nature. If we add to this the friendship (which also means the sharing of something) with someone very different from us, we can achieve inner peace. Children perceive this without filters and animaBIRIKI communicates this idea to them with great sensitivity.


Giancarlo Zappoli, cinema critic and editor of MyMovies

The ability to tell stories beginning from small, delicate suggestions, the wonder of invention, the adventure of metamorphosis, the opening up to multiple meanings, the harmony between picture and sound, the power of fantastic encounters…in a word – animaBIRIKI!


Chiara Carminati,
poet and writer for children and young people

I really liked the fact that Biriki didn’t talk, but rather told his friend what had happened to him using pictures. Also very young children do not so much communicate in words as with their bodies and pictures. Matilde and I have already become great fans of the adventures of little Biriki and want to see many more!


Marta and her daughter Matilde (8 months)