è un progetto artistico ed etico, con lo scopo di educare i bambini di oggi, adulti di domani, al rispetto dell’uomo e della natura.

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With “ADOPT A RIGHT” you can celebrate with animaBIRIKI the Convention on the rights of the child. in collaboration with Amnesty International Italia Educazione.


On November 20th, 1989, the majority of the leaders of the nations of the world came together and decided that it was necessary to find a way to defend the rights of all children and kids. They wrote 54 articles and agreed that all countries have to define laws that oblige adults to respect these articles.
The little bird Biriki want to fly to all the children of the world to invite them to play with him and spread the valuable contents of the UN Convention for the rights of the child.
Adotta un diritto
Create a friend for Biriki, that can fly and play with him!

 Choose a right and download the KITFollow these simple instructions:


Do you already have a Kit with the post card and the paper shapes?  Then go to step 2.
If not download the kit that you can print at home.


 Create a character With the colourful paper shapes create your own character: you can cut them, draw on them, glue them to each other.


Glue your character to the starry sky of the post card and then take a picture or scan your creation. (indichiamo qualcosa di tecnico?)


Choose a right With the help of an adult read carefully the rights that you will find below and chose the right that you and you character like best.


Send the picture to Biriki Send your digital postcard with your character attached to the address and write as text the right that you picked. If you want you can also write your name and the name of your character!


Spread! After a few days your work will appear on the facebook page of animaBIRIKI and in the album adopt a right. Your parents and your friends will have the chance to “adopt” your character or that of another child.


These are the rights that Biriki likes best, choose the one you prefer.. it will follow your character!
Se vuoi leggere la Convenzione, scritta in versione semplificata da Amnesty International Italia Educazione, vai qui

I have the right to live 

no one can kill me, no one can enslave me.


no one can harm me

no one can mistreat me, no one can exploit me.


I have the right to have medical care

if I fall ill I have the right to have a doctor and medicines, i also have the right to know what is wrong with my health.


all children are equal 

no one can be mistreated for the colour of their skin, their religion, poverty, language, because they are a boy or a girl.


no child has to be left alone

I have the right to receive help and advice from my family, if i have lost my parents I have the right to have someone to protect me and help me.


 I have the right to go to school

education has to be free of costs and open to everyone, it also has to support the arts and sports.


 I have the right to play

I have the right to rest, to play, and to partecipate freely in cultural life and arts.


I have the right to express myself

I can say, write, draw all the things that I think, and I have the right to be listened. I have the right to make friends and share my ideas.


I have the right to a name and a nationality

from the moment of my birth, I have the right to a name and to enter in the big book where all the people of my country have their names written, this means to have a nationality.


I have the right to live well 

my parents should give me food, cloths and a safe home. If my family can’t afford these things, the state has to help them.

biriki vola


Help BIRIKI and his friends spread the word!
Promote the project sharing your postcard with your character or one created by another child.
Here are a few suggestions, but Biriki and his friends will be happy if you want to find new ways! 

or on other social medias. Use the image as your cover photo or as your profile, or post it on twitter or instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #animaBIRIKI or to tag the animaBIRIKI facebook page panimaBIRIKI facebook page.


Send your postcard together with the right you picked to your friends and family, always followed by the link so that other kids can take part in the project!


Gift your postcard to a friend, to your grandmother or your teacher. Or you can paste it on your window, in your room or take it to school. Don’t forget to handwrite with beautiful colours the right you picked.

ADOPT A RIGHT is an education and communication project developed by animaBIRIKI with the collaboration of Amnesty International Italia Educazione to promote the contents of the UN Convention.
The project starts in Milan on November 20 2015 at MUBA and involves in one year Museums, schools and other partners in Italy, Switzerland and all over the world through workshops and events dedicated to.
Follow adopt a right campaign on facebook | #animaBIRIKI #adoptaright