è un progetto artistico ed etico, con lo scopo di educare i bambini di oggi, adulti di domani, al rispetto dell’uomo e della natura.

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Segui i voli di animaBIRIKI

the First Animated Flight of animaBIRIKI

Biriki and the rainbow

On a gray, rainy day, little bird Biriki sees a rainbow for the first time ever. Thrilled, he flies into the colors on a journey of discovery, surprises and unexpected twists. Meleo the chameleon watches him curiously and his skin begins to change color as he waits for his friend to return.

Experimentalanimation, in 2D, for children narrated using two different aesthetic approaches – the sharp, graphic one of the characters and the photographic one of the natural landscape. These approaches blend together forming a special, harmonious “birikino” universe, in which everything is transformed – the small becomes big and the big, small.

The language used by the characters is an expressive and musical gibberish. Biriki and Meleo’s voices take their cue from the sounds of the letters in their names.

Download here the technical data.
The story of “Biriki and the Rainbow” was chosen from among the many stories collected.

The first episode was born in a small town in Italian-speaking Switzerland.It was written by Sila Cittadini, an elementary school teacher, and later adapted for animation.

The animaBIRIKI stories are those told by people, by mothers, by children; sometimes they are those already known, handed down through storytelling from generation to generation, sometimes they are invented in the inspiration of a moment by young and old.

The pace of the cartoon is designed for children aged from one to four, the target of the project.Listening, acting and reflecting are the three ingredients of animaBIRIKI’s rhythm.

The narrative alternates between a rapid rhythm made up of visuals and sound, and slower, longer moments that stimulate listening and empathy with what is taking place.

By entering into harmony with this alternating rhythm, children can experience in their everyday lives a moment of listening – not in a fast-paced way – and sensitive attention to Biriki and his world, similar to when one is surrounded by nature.

The episode, directed by Bruna Ferrazzini e Ilaria Turba, was produced by CINEDOKKE e RSI Radiotelevisione svizzeraAmnesty International has chosen to give its patronage to the short film, a decision born from the recognition of the range of values of the character Biriki, akin to those of the organization itself. The collaboration will continue in the development of the first animated series.