è un progetto artistico ed etico, con lo scopo di educare i bambini di oggi, adulti di domani, al rispetto dell’uomo e della natura.

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Workshop with Amnesty International in Ponticelli (Naples)

The Education Office of Amnesty International Italia will be accompanying animaBIRIKI to remote, outlying areas in a project that will involve schools and communities.

The first leg will take place at a school in the Ponticelli suburb of Naples, a place with a rich history, today abandoned to environmental and social decay.

Subsequently, animaBIRIKI alongside Amnesty International will reach Sicily and Lampedusa.



The animaBIRIKI stories are created with workshops and activities in Museums and at Festivals, in Schools and Associations. The participants in the project, inspired by individual and/or group artistic work, tell stories featuring already existing characters or by creating new ones.


june - december 2014