è un progetto artistico ed etico, con lo scopo di educare i bambini di oggi, adulti di domani, al rispetto dell’uomo e della natura.

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The animaBIRIKI Nubolaria is a modern pre-cinema machine conceived and designed for children.
Its purpose is to allow kids to discover the animation techniques used in the short film “Biriki and the Rainbow” through play. The machine is a contemporary transposition of the story-telling machines of old. Nubolaria is made up of controllable planes with manual slider and by means of a mirror angled at 45° it is possible to see them merge into a single image, as in a video projection.

Nubolaria, born out of an idea by Ilaria Turba, was designed together with Gianluca Lo Presti of MammaFotogramma studio, who took charge of its creation. The Nubolaria is produced by animaBIRIKI with the support of Castellinaria.


October 2014